Changing the Charade G100/G101 engine


Heya, I'm sure everyone knows that the one-liter engine of the Charade absloutely sucks when it comes to racing, so my question is...

Is there any more powerful engine that would fit into the Charade without major body altering? Like a Feroza 1.6L engine perhaps? Suggestions and comments are welcome, thanks!

changing the charade engine

im currently scouring the land for a corolla gti 1.6 16v.
as soon as i've had my mate drop the engine in and uprate my brakes etc i'll let ya know how much of a headache it was (if any) i have been assured it will go in though! Lol

engine implant for charade

well, iv decided with the rising fuel prices that i 1.6 engine would be too pricey to run so i am opting for a swift gti engine instead. i'm hopin it will drop in with hardly any jiggery but if anyone has made the attempt i'd be interested to hear what problems you had (if any)



You're talking about Corolla engines.. Which, if any, corolla engines does fit in a Charade? Will it be possible to fit a Japanese Corolla 1,6 4AGE 20v 160/170hp engine into a 1,3 TXi HC-E Charade 1992? And how should the brakes be upgraded?

Would be awesome Smile