Petrol to diesel conversion


My swb gave up the ghost, an F' reg petrol turned up cheap with blown headgasket. I started to fit a turbo diesel but found the gearbox is different so had to use my old one, now the engine mounts are different, diff ratio different. Had to abandon it due to time and bought another. Has anyone done a similar conversion and come across any other problems that may make me tear more hair out. Am now aware of some possible spares vehicles in east Lincolnshire.

The gear box isn't diffrent.

The gear box isn't diffrent. The primery shaft and the bell housing are the only diffrances, which can both be changed over if need be. It's due to the petrol being a Toyota lump I'm afraid.
When I did the same conversion I found:
1. The gearbox (as said)
2. The engine mounts as said, but also the engine sat rather high on the made up chassis mounts I made (level with old petrol mounts). However if you unbolt the F70 engine mounts from the block and replace them with F50 mounts (same fitting) the engine sits much better.
3. No 'engin heat' position on ignition. Use seperat push button, possible self timing relay from old car.
4. Exhaust doesn't line up. I uses flexi exhaust tube to cover gap. You could also weld up a custom exhast from new tubing, or replace with proper deisle exhaust.
4. I think I remember the heater matrix pipes are on the rong side. Lots of rubber piping sorts that.
5. The petrol rad bottom hose is on the wrong side. Not a problem if you have a diesle rad to go in the car too, as the rad mounts are the same.
6. I'm fairly sertain the diff ratios are the same. it's the transfure box that makes a diffrence. Anyway, change the transfur/axles, or use the opertunity to put 33/12.50 15's on?
That's all I remember, but it was 5 years ago or so.

Any help?

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

petrol to diesel conversion

Thanks for the info.
Have found and hopefully solved all those problems.
I have an encyclopedia giving details of many of the worlds cars. According to that the petrol final drive is 3.909:1 while the diesel is 3.364:1.
When I have time to get it finished it will be interesting to compare it with the original T/diesel.
Looking through the book I came across the Toyota Blizzard introduced at the 1989 Tokyo motor show. It is the Fourtrack 75 model with a 2446cc diesel. If you put it into a search engine it comes up with a picture.
Once again thanks.

Had a look. I also found it

Had a look. I also found it brought up picturs of an F50, with TOYOTA emblazoned on the grill. Sacralige! obviously the earlier version.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Toyota Blizzard

Hi guys,

sorry to barge in on your conversation. I have just bought my very first four wheel drive (i turned 25 last week).
I bought an F reg Four trak and am hoping to rebuild it. Its only done 33,000 miles as it has been used on a farm. I don't suppose you happen to know where i can get a new drivers door from, mine has rotted away.


New doors

Hi WanderingStar
Just thought you might like to know two good s/hand 4Trak doors going on E Bay at the moment.
If its any consolation mine are tatty as well.