Bouncy Sportrak


I've just bought an M reg Sportrak soft-top and I'm surprised by how "bouncy" it is on any road that is not a snooker table. Its just had an MOT so the dampers should be OK. Are they all like this Unknw


No the sporty is so hard it can be bruising!
I note that whenever I have taken my Sporty for MOT the shocks are never tested. A visual inspection for leaks but never a bounce test. So visually they might appear serviceable but could be void of fluid or gas.

Bouncy Sportrak

Thanks Mace - actually I think we mean the same thing. Perhaps "bouncy" wasn't the best description - Nat replied that they "skip" and that's a better description.

Bouncing Sportraks

Do you mean bouncy as in the suspension bounces and wallows, or do you mean the whole car jumps about?!

Sportrak suspension is very hard and it does 'skip' around on anything that the smoothest of roads, but the suspension shouldn't wallow and bob around. As already said, it jolts you around almost enough to bruise you on some surfaces!!


Bouncy Sportrak

Thanks Nat - no it doesn't wallow - but it certainly "skips". Sounds like mine is normal.

bouncy sport trak

I to have a sport trak and mine is allso bouncy mine is an L reg and has just past its mot so they dont inprove with age but nice to drive