Hi ive managed to get hold of one of these beasts.Any info would be grateful cheers dale.


Sent you a reply Dale, need some more info about if it is
the FWD or 4WD version first.

Basic details are
120ps (118bhp)
713cc DVVT twin cam engine
Sequential injection
Roller Bearing IHI F3 turbo
Front mounted intercooler
Intercooler spray
Clutch type LSD front and Rear (if 4WD)
Weight is 820kg.
0-60mph in 6.6 seconds with a top speed of 120mph

Is yours limited to 114mph Unknw
Do you know if it is a Jap import Unknw Or an original Daihatsu

Could you send me by private message the chassis number,
last 5 digits should do.

Can you tell more about it, the more I have.




Where there any UK Daihatsu X4s

I have seen a Storia on the website its a 750cc, 16v. There is no mention of a turbo.

Was there a 750cc non turbo?

Are parts easily avaliable for the X4 in the UK?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, just found this for

Hi there, just found this forum , I nearly bought a Storia X4 in Southampton about 5 years ago ! Do you own one or know or any for sale in UK Unknw




i know i am a bit late for this topic.... can u tell me how u got hold of ur storia x4?
thanks for you help