My Fourtrack Wallows like a Hippo!:O



You all know by now how carp i am when it comes to matters of a mechanical nature, so am , again, asking for help and advice from the good people of this forum!:$

I have just read a post on here about a sporty with the opposite problem to mine ( a hard ride),

I have a 1990 f75 fourtrack diesel EL, it is as bouncy as you like ( have tried viagra in the fuel tank but that didnt stiffen anything up either!)

Have also taeken it for a "free check up" from one of these big tyre fitting companys and they looked and said they are ok......but as i read in the other post, this was only a visual test ...oh, and a bit of shake and wiggle of the shocks when the Lemon was up on ramps.

Could it be the shocks after all Unknw I prefer too hard than wallowy! The 3 phase electronic adjuster for the shocks doesnt work anyway, so cant alter that.

Anyone recomend any good eheavy duty shocks ( if there is such a thing ), roughly how much would they cost, Unknw and how easy are they to fit?:help:

Thanks in advance !!!:)


Mine had the same problem and it was the springs which were knackered. As a result, the shocks had been shot to bits as well as it had been damping on those alone.

Whilst it is possible to do yourself, I found that National Tyres only charged about £50 labour to fit Monroe Adventure shocks and new springs. On a job like that, it was well worth the £50 extra!

The electric ride controls are rubbish anyway so I ditched them and just fitted standard shocks.

Shop around though first and haggle a bit.



only a demon buys a lemon!
Thanks for that Rob,
I only got the vehicle last december, and the leaf springs were shot to bits at the front ( i take it you dont mean coil 1990 doesnt have coils)The rear springs had only just been replaced also.

I think i will get the shocks re checked!

only a demon buys a lemon!

sounds like springs to me but

sounds like springs to me but as shocks are only £20 a piece you might as well change them as well!


If you want a good set of shocks you won`t find better ( in my experience anyway, before some smart arse says different and we get onto a completely different subject)than a set of ES9000 Pro Comp`s from Explorer. These are heavy duty but you can get standard ones, they are cheap and a piece of cake to fit. I`m running a set on mine with a spring over axle and they do the job really well.
Some people think the ride is a bit firm, but its not a car its a truck as keep telling them.

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