cylinder head torque for sportrak


hello and greetings everyone, would anyone happen to know what the torque wrench settings are for the cylinder head on a sportrak 89 model, this is the only bit of information i need to finnish the job, and i dont want to risk guessing it an making a mess of a good job


Rockers [dont overtighten]
M10 heads 28.4 to 36.3 N-m
M8 heads 12.7 to 16.7 N-m

Cylinder head to block
58.8 to 66.6 N-m
43.4 to 49.2 ft lbs.

Fuel pump & manifold 14.7 to 21.6 N-m

Cylinder head must be torqued in correct sequence to avoid warping the head. If you need the correct sequence post your email and I will send you the relevant sketch. Its page EM90 of the service manual.

thanks for that, i know the s

thanks for that, i know the sequence, it was just the torque i wasnt sure of as i havent got a manual yet.

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies