Sportrak Exhaust


It fell off today.

How much should I expect to pay, and where's the best place to buy from. Thanks.


DIY is very easy. Buy from your local motor shop and not Daihatsu. Assuming its only the pipe and expansion box, a replacement will be available from a local manufacturer. Daihatsu [garage] exhaust are much more expensive since they supply a 'genuine part' shipped from Japan and no better than UK built. Also change the rubber hangers which support the exhaust. Separate the pipe without damaging the catalyst section. You need to jack the rear sub-frame [not the axle] to get both rear wheels hanging clear from the floor so there is sufficient clearance to push the exhaust over the rear axle. If you have use of an inspection pit the job is much easier but the sub-frame still needs lifting to get clearance. If the exhaust section with catalyst has broken then that bit is expensive to replace!