Spongy Brakes


Hi there

I wonder if anyone can give me some ideas on this problem. Its on a 95TDX, I had two seized calipers so have rebuilt them with new seals and pistons, they now work beautifully but I am having trouble getting the brakes bled. They were fine before hand but now have far too much travel and I am getting some pulling to one side. I have searched on here and I gather the sequence of bleeding is the longest pipe to the shortest and that this model doesn't have a bleed nipple on the load compensator but its beginning to drive me round the bend!


Sounds like air in the system or the rear brake shoes need adjusting. I assume your tightening the bleeder on the downstroke of the pedal rather than when the peddle is fully depressed. Also using fluid of the correct/or higher D.O.T value.
Sequence is longest run down to shortest run. You could try bleeding both rear brakes simultaneously and repeat for the front brakes .. tubes into two jars and open the bleeders and pump fluid. If air is trapped at the unions it will move. Then re-bleed in correct sequence.
NB .. never reuse fluid.

thanks, I only have one bleed

thanks, I only have one bleedscrew on the rears, but have to say I was doing it in the wrong sequence so I will try again, though I have to say as the front brakes bed in it does see, to be getting less spongy

bleeding brakes

About fives years ago I purchased an easy bleed system (about 15pounds now)

They are mint........I would suggest using one of these..no pressing of pedals etc......