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hi I.m having problems with the gears on my sportrak. Their grinding into 1st and reverse. Just been to garage and was told clutch was going and was given a price of £265 just for the part. He also siad it was a big job with a lot of messing around. Anyone got any idea of what price I should be looking at paying! Also anyone know were I can get hold of a soft top, I'm hoping on a nice summer!

A non-Daihatsu clutch kit run

A non-Daihatsu clutch kit runs about £100 (Check 'Parts Dealers' at top of page for Milner's Off Road).

It's a few hour job, so labour should be £50-100, 150 max.

Get a quote on labour based on them fitting the £265 clutch, then tell them you'll supply the clutch and order it yourself.

You will need to go to a Daihatsu dealer for a new 'pilot bearing', the solid brass ring that the transmission shaft fits into, which will be another £10.

sportrak clutch

Thanks for that, was hoping it wasn't going to be as much as the garage quoted.