Noisy front suspension


Daihatsu Feroza. There is a noticeable rattle from both sides of the front suspension when driving on a bumpy road. The shock absorbers are ok and it has been suggested that it is the knuckle joints (?) from the 4WD system to the front wheels. Does anybody have any other suggestions. I'm not sure what the knuckle joint is. Thanks.

The knuckle joints allow the

The knuckle joints allow the front drive shafts to 'bend' when the front wheels turn. If they are worn you will crunching, but only as you drive around a tight corner. They don't rattle over bumps.

If you only hear the rattle over bumps, it will be something loose on the suspension. Check the shock absorbers again because even if they look OK from the outside the bottom rubber bushing is probably worn out. Grab the bottom end of the shock absorber and see if you can twist it. You can also remove the bottom bolt and check the bushings visually, but the shocks are filled with gas so will expand when you unbolt it. You'll have to compress it and have the bolt ready as it expands back to the right length. A flat screwdriver will lift the end just enough for the bolt to go back through. It also could be the top bushing, which is a little harder to get at.

If The shocks are good, it will be the upper/lower ball joints that each wheel pivots on, the steering linkage or the sway bar. It could also be a loose bash plate under the engine, or a broken engine or transmission mount. You might also have a bad wheel bearing, allowing the wheels to wobble over bumps.

Good luck!