Brake/fuel lines


Got a 92 sporty. o/s/r shocky broke on bottom, I've been told that the mounting plate's gone too - and that to replace both shockies, might as well get plate for other side, 'cos it's likely to go too. Is this normal?

Also, I reckon I need new leaf springs, but garage is telling me that fuel/brake pipes are corroded and that it'll probably fail it's next MOT, so why spend the money on other stuff. Is it an enormous job to change brake/fuel pipes? IE is the sporty gonna be a write off next MOT, or can these be replaced within the realms of reasonable cost?

I know some of you guys know these vehicles really well, so I'd appreciate your comments, 'cos I really like the vehicle and if I can, I'd like to keep it on the road.

I'm stuck with lifts in the g'friends company astra until the Sporty gets sorted, so please help - it's embarrasing enough in one of these rep things!

If it aint broke dont fix it

If it aint broke dont fix it m8....get them to repair the shocker plate thats busted..fix the other when it goes..if it goes !!!!...if you need to change the shocks they must be done as a pair
As for brake pipes....its a very very simple job to change the pipes..take it to a brake specialst...NOT KWIK FIT or one of these places ..they just wannna take your money of fact ANY competent mechanic will sort the pipes out for you.Fuel lines are the same..very straight forward...easier to do up on a ramp mind you....

Re: your advice

Cheers Mike. Do you have any idea how much it'd cost for a mechanic (not KWIK FIT type)to do the brake/fuel lines - I was told the bits are cheeep but labour that's a different matter sir!

Bort Why not have a go you


Why not have a go yourself....its very easy ..honest
If you dont have the confidence or tools to do the job then get a few quotes from different 'small' garages..y'know the back street ones..lots of these guys are superb mechanics..not that you need to be an expert to change brake pipes and fuel lines.
If you fancy having a go yourself I could send you relevent pages from manual by email. No special tools required..maybe a brake hose spanner..easily got from accessory place for a couple of quid.
You would also have to bleed the brake system after changing pipes..again very simple job. Fuel lines are are simplicity itself to change...a screw driver and 4 new jubilee clips..there are 2 lines to takes fuel from tank to fuel filter (founf under bonnet on left hand side)and the other is a return line (this takes excess fuel back to tank).
Depending on how many brake pipes need replacing...I would reckon no more than 2 hours work (if all have to be replaced)so around £50 for labour plus cost of pipes...say £80 max

oops ..sorry Bort..u have a s

oops ..sorry Bort..u have a sporty..I was talking about a that case I think there is only one fuel line to change.

B4 you try the MOT, it's prob

B4 you try the MOT, it's probably just surface corrosion on the pipes, so a rubdown with wet'n dry and a coat of light oil will bring them back to standard. Failing that, underseal always hides a multitude of sins....

Try a breakers for the bottom plate, may well be the same as a Fourtrak. As for the shocks, i've not done them on one of these, but looks the usual straightforward job. Oh..and don't take it to that garage for the MOT!!

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

underseal always hides a multitude of sins....

> underseal always hides a multitude of sins....

Indeed it does, which is why if you coat your brake pipes with it you greatly increase your chances of a test failure Sad




Thanks Mike,
My Sporty may live after all. The way the garage was talking 'bout the brake and fuel lines, I thought we were talking multiples of hundreds, to get them replaced (obviously the sharp sucking of air through his teeth must've been for dramatic effect only)

I'll have a look at the manual - I've got it, but not in a very readable version at the moment, thanks for the offer of the email though. If it's not too difficult, I might even have a go myself - what have I got to lose!

sporty probs

firstly mate if your fuel lines arent leaking they wont fail the MOT, tester can only advise that you fix them, so that might buy you a bit of time there. shock absorbers if there 3 stage you need to remortgage, but it is possible to fit standard dampers you just need remove and unplug the actutor on top of the shock and lose it completely (standard shock £30-adjustable £150+) brake lines are cheap and a peice of cake to fit, if you look on e-bay search for daihatsu you'll find a service manuel on cd-rom which covers everything from changing a light bulb to replacing piston ring and its all in pdf so you just print out the bits you need, good news is though you can do all this yourself dead cheap, i know cos i've had to replace the exact same things but be prepared for rusted bolts, and you will snap some, good luck