HELP NEEDED The big black shed on wheels just failed MOT


Hi Guys,
well, the beast failed its MOT.

Suprisingly nothing that sounds too drastic apart from one thing....

one of my front wheels wobbles about all over the place when its jacked up. The mechanic reckons its the top and bottom swivel hub bearings,

The questions are.....

what and where are they? are they easy and cheap to fix Unknw would i need to get both sides done Unknw could this be whats making some of the dinging and clunking noiseds over bumps,and causing the wheel to rub on the leaf springs on full lock?

I know its a lot of questions....but then i know how helpful you guys have been in the past!

cheers again!

Pretty easy to fix. Have a lo

Pretty easy to fix. Have a look first, give the hub a shake up and down. Look for movement. Is it just the wheel hub that moves, or does the whole swivel housing move as well. If its the former, wheel bearings are to blame. If its the latter, then the swivel housing bearings are gone.

Make sure you place things in order, so reassembly is easier. Make sure you note where everything goes. Theres nothing worse than completeing a job, only to find a spare bolt or part left out, and you dont know where it came from.

Take the wheel off, and have a look at the top and bottom of the swivel housing. You should see 2 rectangular plates, each held in by 4 12mm bolts. The top plate has a 5th bolt in the centre, which holds a brake line bracket in place. These plates are what we call kin pins here in Oz. The bearings are under here.
To get to them, remove the free wheeling hub, then the brake caliper without undoing the brake line. Remove the wheel bearing lock and adjuster nuts, and lock washer. Now remove the hub. Undo the 4 bolts that hold the stub axle in place, and remove it. You should now have access to the inside of the swivel housing, with the inner axle poking out of the axle housing. You can pull the inner axle out to make things a bit easier. Undo, and disconnect the tie rod end for the steering. Undo the 8 bolts that hold the 2 half moon plates from the rear of the swivel housing, as well as the steering stopper bolt. Remove the plates, but leave the felt seals, as well as the large rubber seal in place. Now remove the 4 bolts from each king pin, and prise them out, making sure you dont bend or lose the shims. You should now be able to remove the swivel housing from the axle completely. Chances are the bottom roller bearing will drop out, and the top one will be rusty. You then have to remove the bearing races from the top and bottom of the swivel housing.

Now clean everything up, take the opportunity to renew the grease in the swivel housing, and the outer wheel bearing. Also remove old sealant. If you have plenty of money, consider replacing any and all seals, and wheel bearings, that you see. If money is a bit tight, you can get away with just replacing the top and bottom king pin bearings, assuming everything else is ok.

Installation is the reverse. Use the old bearing races as a drift to help install the new ones. Dont put them in upside down.


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failed MOT

My F75 failed on the same thing. After checking the manual and advice from members of this site I did the job myself. You will need some decent circlip pliers. Only problem I had was with some bolts that didn't want to budge but a bit of a tap with the old hammer and some freeing oil solved the problem. Have plenty of grease to fill the swivel joint. The completed job took me about 2 hours and the difference to the steering is well worth the effort.

Best of luck