Transfer Box Leaking


The transfer box on my F70 Fourtrak is leaking oil. I am reasonably sure it is coming from the rear prop output shaft so presumably an oil seal has gone. Anyone done this job? Is it difficult? Can it be done without removing the transfer box?

Not as difficult job to repla

Not as difficult job to replace.
Remove the front of the rear tailshaft from the transfer case. Undo the speedo cable from the housing. Lock the front hubs, put in 1st gear, and in low range. Get a hammer and pin punch, and spike out the locknut from the keyway. Get a socket to fit the nut, and a long extension bar. Undo the nut holding the yoke in place. Remove the nut/washer/yoke. Undo the 4 14mm bolts holding the housing on. Remove housing carefully so as not to destroy the gasket. Replace the seal. Use gasket goo on gasket surface and reassemble. Use locktight on the nut and the 4 tailshaft bolts. Dont forget to punch the lock into the keyway on the nut.

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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