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or anybody else that fits the above description Wink right i know i aint brightest spark in the box Sad n when comes to wheel bearins wow big big F word. so to me plight we go!!!!!!!! Got a 91 fourtrak 2.8 td auto free wheelin beasty that like to add dont smoke any more Wink mmmmm yeah back to me plight. well went back over the bearin probs in here n thought right lets take me trusty socket set n do some adustments az iv incurred bit of wheel wobble n yep deffo is me bearin. n load n behold where the eky do i start Help took off the black cover to start no probs undid the other hex bolts n centre nut n took off hub assembly. n wot i find behind!!!!!!!!!!! well not a wheel bearin fer sure :cry: just a shaft n some big fing wid a springy fingy inside it Blush so here it lies how i get to me bearin!!!! like i sayed at beginning not brightest spark in the BOX. any help most appreciated cheersssssssss woody -dull-joe

Yes, Virginia, there is a San

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus/GOD.

Once you have the hub off, give inside a good wipe over with a rag to remove the grease. Look inside the wheel hub, (the part with the 5 wheel studs on it). You should see a large nut on the threaded part which is around the inner axle part that is sticking out. This nut has a locking washer behind it, and part of that washer is bent over the nut you can see. Poke around with a screwdriver till you find it, then tap it back straight with hammer and screwdriver. Now tap the nut cunterclockwise with the hammer and screwdriver till it comes off. Then remove the locking washer. There is a second nut behind the washer, and the outer wheel bearing is behind this. Tap the second nut clockwise to take up any play in the wheel bearing. Now flatten the washer out and install it again, then the second nut. Once tight, flatten the washer over each nut as it was before, and reassemble the auto hub.

GOD has spoken.

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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The BIG nuts

When I replaced my hub seals, swivel pin bearings and wheel bearings I had to buy a 55mm 3/4" drive socket which I had to turn down to 71mm OD in the lathe to get it to fit inside the hub. The big nuts in my Rugger had been taken off/on by the hammer and chisel method and had been damaged to the point I couldn't get them to turn without the socket. My point being be gentil with hammering as it stretches the nut out of round and will cause binding which is what had happened to mine.