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Someone Registered

Just so you know you are not alone on the new domain!


Congrats !!!


This looks fantastic....well done mate.As soon as visitors see this they will be flocking here like birds. Love the layout and colour scheme..much more 'Daihatsu'
Heres hoping things start to take off for this site.
Again well done and good on ya.
If its at all possible you must post the URL for this new site on a regular basis on the old site so that infrequent visitors know where to come.

Paul has actually contacted m

Paul has actually contacted me about Daihatsu Owners today and he is going to be sending me the details. So I should be able to point Daihatsu Owners directly to the Daihatsu Drivers site. Smiling



Is there any way some of the historical forums can be exported and placed on this site? I think we would all agree there are some useful snippets of information in there


New Site

Well done LuRcH - the site looks very impressive

I am disgusted at the lack of

I am disgusted at the lack of pop-ups. What the hell am I going to do if I want cheaper electricity or a bank loan??

Dave with a Sporty

woo hoo

at last a new daihatsu owners site ..... ABOUT BLOODY TIME .... lol. nice layout, hope to see plenty of events and classifieds here ... best of luck guys .... by the way .. how come your time is wrong ... its 5 hours slow for a uk site .... just thought i would mention it ...

Yeah time is 5 hours slow as

Yeah time is 5 hours slow as its on a server in the US. You can change your timezone in the "user account" which I think may solve it. But ive not tried it myself yet. Smiling



You guys think you have it bad, the time on my account is at best 18 hrs slow. Latest time shown is 4.51am Friday 4/4/03 when its actually 10.51pm friday here. No big deal.Puzzled
Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
I use billion dollar satellites, to find Tupperware.
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new site

well done lurch thanks for the new site looks good
lets hope people will use it to everyones advantage soon
(just for info why lurch?)

Thanks for the compliments. I

Thanks for the compliments. I am called Lurch as I am 6ft5, slim, dark hair and a deep voice. People usually realise why instantly when they meet me. Smiling


Is there gonna be.....

.... content like photos, etc? Great-looking site, by the way.....

How I heard about new site

I searched for "Daihatsu" on the "Copernic" seach monster and it brought me here.
Don't know how you get yourself included in these things but it sure seems to be workin'
Really enjoying it.
Thanks all.