Sportrak hot brakes since offroad day


Took my g reg sportrak el offroading yesterday (very impressed at what it can do!) but now have a problem with the brakes. After I left the event I drove about 10 miles on the motorway and stopped for a burger and the bog. The smell of hot brakes was more than noticeable. Reckon I could have lit a fag off the discs Sad

Have jetwashed the front brakes like mad (several times) but they still seem to get quite warm after just a mile from jetwash to home. Wasnt on brakes heavily when offroading and the pads have only done about 1000 miles?

Anyone got any suggestions? Should i get my mechanic mate to strip and clean em or could it be something more serious?

Any suggestions gratefuly received!



Mucky Brakes

Mike, you can clean them yourself, they're a very straightforward stripdown. Once you've got the wheel off, it's one 14mm bolt and you can slide the caliper straight off. The caliper slide gets very mucky under normal conditions, and the brakes start to pull to one side, it's quite common on sport and fourtraks, so you need to give them a thorough cleaning, possibly a bit of attention with a circular file, then plenty of copper slip before re-assembly.
Good Luck, keep on trucking