Smoke: Piston or turbine?


My Mira L200s turbo is sending out white smoke. I notice some decrease in engine oil. I am not quite sure what the real causes?

The smoke only came out for a short while after long idling in trafic jam, sometime in the morning (first start), esp I i press hard on the throttle, when turbo kick in. This does not happen even if I step hard on the throttle at stop, normally.

I betting on the worn piston/ring or blown turbo turbine. Can anyone please advise or help. Thanks in advance.

Head gasket.

White smoke is water vapour. Black smoke is fuel unburned. Blue smoke is oil burn.
So you have a water problem. If its on start-up, idling or heavy throttle then its probably a split head gasket or cracked cylinder head. To explain - there is a break in the head gasket allowing water to seep or get sucked into the pistons where it gets ejected with the exhaust as water vapour/steam.The split could also extend to an oilway so you could also be burning oil, hence the oil loss.
Take a look into the radiator. You will probably find the water level gone down and possibly oil floating on the water. Try reving the engine and look for air bubbles at the radiator filler - a certain indication of a blow head gasket.[need to do this with a hot engine and thermostat being open - take great care removing/releasing the pressure - you could get scalded so be warned!]
PS .. if your turbo has blown you would have little acceleration or power.

Head gasket

Thanks for the responde.

I notice only very less water loss from tank, insignificant to be compared with engine oil loss. Anyway, I think I should also checkout the head gasket.

Btw, are you familiar with Mira L200s electronic? I can only start my car on third attempt, only after the relay(s) on the left under the dashboard clicked 2 or 3 times.