Sould caravans be banned from travelling on our roads at peak times?

41% (7 votes)
59% (10 votes)
Total votes: 17


Tolerance or bust

You must remember that if you drive a 4x4, certain "townies" hate you with a vengeance.
How many times have you heard the phrase "4x4's that have never strayed off the road".
Some hate us for no reason, let's not add to the problem with irrational distaste of other motorists. Unless they happen to be ginger, or have white hatchbacks.......

I know...lets ban trailers,pi

I know...lets ban trailers,pickups,motorvans,horseboxes,milk floats,JCB's,HGV's and anything else that dont do 100mph..then 'our' roads would be free for all the road hogging, tail gateing, brainless halfwits in their go faster stripped novas...What is this poll all about fer god's sake....why caravans Unknw
I tow a caravan and I am acutely aware of other road users and give way or pull over if I feel I am holding traffic up...many of us caravanners have similar good road manners..

The question the poll asks says it all....they are OUR roads...all of us..not anyone particular group of users....
My god...jackboots and swastikas next...they will be turning the gas on us.

Lets ban rustbuckets rebuilt with filler

I don't mind caravans as such as long as they are towed as a reasonable speed where they don't swerve and bounce all over the place. That means I like caravans to be towed slower for a suprising amount of people. It is suprising how many I see everytime I drive on the motorway going along at 80mph+ with the caravan bouncing all over the place. A couple of times I have seen them being towed on the inside lane!!!! Now that is scary to be near. No suprise that all the people towing them like that are cars and not 4WD's. Shows which sort of drivers know how to drive properly.

I think the vote is aimed more at the ones that bounce about all over the place which give caravans a bad reputation.

One thing that should be banned tho are things such as Novas which boy racers buy for 50p and then "kev up" with tons of filler and naff bodykits which if u sneezed on them could cause them to disintergrate. I love the way some drill holes in their exhaust to make them sound noisier. Biggrin

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Caravans - What is wrong with them?

I have towed a Caravan behind a Fourtrack Timberline for about 8 years. They are brilliant at towing and go along at a steady 60 mph (the Towing speedlimit) with enough power to get you out of 'sticky' situations. I agree that certain drivers towing with cars are a hazard either using underpowered cars for their big vans or going over the speedlimit and snaking begins.

I get more problems when getting caught behind the farmer with his wide tractor and drivers behind think that I am to blame.

Let's keep the caravans but try to educate drivers how towing should be done.


One thing that really pisses me is the plonkers with caravans that are so heavily loaded that their headlights blind you, even if they are on dipped beams.