What mods to do to me G11R (turbo - maybe called a CXT in some countries)


Just bought a Charade Turbo, with the carby 3Cyl SOHC Turbo motor.

My current mods are/will be:
Forester GT small turbo to replace charade unreliable one
Custom turbo manifold
Custom dumpipe
2.5" exhaust with muffler
4AGZE intercooler (off Levin/sprinter motor)

I need suggestions on what else to do.

Can anyone get there hands on a set of clear rear lights for this model? I will put pics of my car up very soon for reference.

Also would like greatly to meet other Charade Turbo owners, especially G11R (turbo) owners.


iv got 1 2

iv got one to but mines manely cosmetic mods , if u want a look , look in my gallery and tell me wot you think or drop me an e-mail , cheers Ben

matt if you have not yet purc

matt if you have not yet purchased all the parts for your car
then save your $. i have the same car and tried putting a wrx/forrester turbo on and found it to lag too much as the turbo is still too big even though it is actually small.you also may find that the intercooler may be too big aswell.i found that for roughly the same cost i bought a later charade engine called the gtti which if you dont already know is also a 3 cylinder turbo but has the advantage of being twin cam fuel injected and brings it from50kw to 100kw roughly.the conversion is simple everything bolts straiht in althongh one engine mount requires a bit of attention.good luck with it all and please forward any tips u have to me . thanks saidi.