Confuzzled!!!! :?


Ok, im quite new to this 4x4 lark and am et to actually go off-road, but i will, soon.
Once i get somethings sorted with my newly aquired 87 Fourtrak.

Ok, my brake light does not seem to go off, although the handbrake is off completely and the fluid is fine. Saying that it does go off sometimes, but very rarely, any ideas? Also, when the steering is on full-lock, there is a squeel, my father, who i got the car from said its been like that since he had it and has caused no probs. should i worry?
On top of that, i went for a quick drive last night when all of a sudden, the car started to let out a squeeling noise like a heard of pigs being cooked alive under my bonnet!!!, i turned back and went home although it was geting louder by the minute. when i arrived home, there was loadsa smoke and the smell of burning. i thought it might be one of the belts but they all seem to be in tip top condition. On looking at it this morning, i noticed that there is water dripping on to the round things that the belts go on so the squeeling is probably due to this water leak, but what is this water leak? I have done a fuel drain and that was fine.
Gee, thats bout it for now i think.
If you havent already guessed, i know as much about cars as a bee does about the rubiks cube!!
Thanx for any help on these matters.

the sound you hear in full lo

the sound you hear in full lock is the power stearing my 4trak has been doing it for 7 years now, i think it from loading up the stearing pump and it starts to slip, but the water may be that your water pump is about to go and when that happens its bad, take the belt off and see if there is any play in it,when my pump went the front of the pump fell out and broke all the belts and the fan...


That doesnt sound too good then. there is play on the belt, so its not too tight but it aint loose either.
If it is the pump, Is there any way i can sort the problem before the pump goes.......except buying a new pump?

I know how to drive 'em, race 'em, crash 'em! just not how to fix 'em!