r.i.p. sporty


sporty 1992 elxi died on way home other day (engine-terminal)does anyone know if there are options on engines that will fit with minimum alterations.
just looking at options as motor itself is'nt too bad but might just punt it for spares going to look at 4trak independant to aid decision

hi, sorry to hear of your tro

hi, sorry to hear of your trouble, i do belive the daihatsu charade 1.6 16v is the same block and head, you should only need change the sump cover and a few other bits off your old engine to fit. hope this helps, steve

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies

cheers steve i'll bear that i

cheers steve i'll bear that in mind not sure what i'm doing yet as i'm picking up a 4trak independant later in the week but thanks again for the advice

another dead Sporty

Had a similar thing 3 weeks ago. Engine died a big straming death as the head gasket let go. Also blew the exhaust manifold gasket and needed the rear brakes doing ofr the MOT. Quoted £1200 to get everything fixed.

Car wasn't worth economic repair so traded it in for a Shogun while i could still get some money for it



Just to compare prices I had a diesel Shogun [short wheel base] and blown cylinder head cost £1200 to replace. Any Shogun replacement bits needed a mortgage to finance. That was 5 years ago - now running a discovery + sportrak.
Good luck and very deep pockets!

r.i.p. sporty

did get quotes for replacement engine but once i picked up big brother independant think i'm gonna try and sell sporty for spares as dont think could justify expense on a 92 thats done 150k although it did this well and owes me nothing but suppose there comes a time eh!