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Hi'a folks,got my self a 1999 fourtrak last week,i'll try and place a picture on the gallery, whilest i'm happy with the car, i'm wondering about a few things, for such a big engine they don't seem to have much gutts about it, is the clutch this heavy on em all,once the clutch is out there seems to be still 3 inch of pedal travel..!Any advice would be very kind, by the way, what kind of password do you get issued with on this site,not one i can remember, is it possible to use one of your own..?

Changing password

To change your password click on "My Account" which should be in the menu with your nickname as the Title on the right hand side, and then on that window click on "Edit" and you'll see the section where you can change your password Smile



Hi'a mate, tried changing the password a few times, thought i'd be able to enter my own, i'm finding it just keeps giving me other meaningless combinations of letters and numbers....thanks for the help..

Ok What size tyres do you hav

Ok What size tyres do you have. Anything over 235-75R15 or
29 x 9.5R15 will kill both power and fuel economy severley.
As for the clutch, do you have a heap of down travel till the clutch starts to disengauge. If so, look for the cable coming through the firewall/bulkhead. It has a C clip on it. If you pull this clip off, and pull the outer cable through further into the engine bay, and reinstall the clip, it will lessen the freeplay in the pedal.

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Thanks for the tips...will have a look at tire sizes, i know just looking at 'em that there big buggers, yes, there's loads of downward travel before 'owt happens...think i can take the slack up but don't know if i can do anything to lighten the action....was trying to post a picture but gave up after a while...computers arnt my strong point..!!!!!!!!