new leaf springs


HELP, i fitted new rear leaf spring to driver side,piece of cake but i cant get the left side spring to fit in place it seems to be about half an inch out.the bolt head through the spring needs to go back about half an inch to fit into hole but i'm not sure how to do it,have tried jacking up and jacking down.could someone tell me what i'm doing wrong please? its a 89 fourtrak

The axle has moved forward on

The axle has moved forward on the passenger side while you have been working. Loosen the U bolts on the drivers side, then slide the axle backwards on the passenger side. Heres some things that may help. Jack the axle up off the spring, and grease the flat spring mount on the axle to make things slide a bit easier. Remount the wheel to give you a bit of extra leverage to move the axle. I have even had to resort to using a hand winch to move the axle once.

Good luck.

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leaf fitting

I find using 2 or 3 jacks the most helpful way, and the least straining way. It's all physics at the end of the day.

spring sorted

thanks for both your help didnt think the axle would go out of line just shows you learn something new all the time.i put caravan leveling blocks under wheel and lowered down with all other wheels chocked and with a little up and down.... and some force all went into place.thanks again will keep in touch as i have 2 or 3 other things to do over the summer and i'm sure i'll need some more advice. cheers bill