Fitting a towbar on a 4-Trak, or, trouble with my captive nuts (ooooh Matron ! !)


Got a brand new Brink towbar.
The four holes in the rear beam centre and the nut and bolt fittings on the rear of the chassis rails are ok cos they are "match-up holes and bang bolts through"
The captive nuts won't accept my (Brink) bolts. The instructions mention plastic dust caps in the captive nuts. Any info gladly accepted.
Now too dark to continue.

A lot of 'not in use' captive

A lot of 'not in use' captive nuts have plastic plugs in them. They take a lot of diging out sometimes. Other than that can't help. However one thing which is worth remembering, due to the Japanes' love of switched erth lighting the rear fog light can couse all sorts of problems for trailer electrics. The best thing to do is totally rewire the fog light with a sensible switch-bulb-earth set up.

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