Fourtrak starting problem


I've recently bought a 91 Fourtrak.The EL 2L petrol version. This was a bereavement sale and the vehicle had been owned by an old gentleman who just used it occasionally which included towing a small horse trailer.
Hence the mileage is a genuine 46.000 with this one owner.
It had been standing mostly for six months before I bought it and it has an erratic starting problem.
When I first got it the starter just clicked which sounds like the solanoid or starter motor.The battery was quite new. Over the past couple of weeks it's been better but it still has a habit of clicking when you turn the key a few times before it lazily engages.
Even then it doesn't exactly burst into life like my old diesel Landy.
I know you can get the starting motor overhauled. Is it a straightforward job removing the SM Unknw
Another couple of points.
What should the mpg be for this model.It seems quite heavy Unknw
Should the timing belt be changed even though it's only on 46k Unknw

Removing starter motor is an

Removing starter motor is an easy job...just 3 bolts ...get to lower 2 fom underneath...had same problem with sticky you say get it overhauled.

Not sure of mpg for a petrol varient...only ever had diesels..sorry