4-Trak's weedy headlamps


My '99 F78 4-Trak has pathetic headlamps.
Does anyone market a halogen conversion or can I just shove in brighter bulbs (or does that just light up your wiring harness? )

Hmmm..when u say pathetic...w

Hmmm..when u say pathetic...what exactly do you mean m8 Unknw
The intensity of the headlights must conform to m.o.t. test standards.
I am acutely aware of this because my trak failed on this very item.
Turned out the headlights had been incorrectly wired up at the bulb.
It took me ages to finally work out the correct wiring of the three wires that connect to the plug that fits onto the back of the bulb..but hey I did it in the end..phew.Fitting halogen bulbs should not be a problem..if you have a manual you can check the current rating of the standard fit bulbs and compare the rating with halogen bulbs..I dont think they draw that much more current myself..but be sure to check just in case.

weedy H/lamps

It's had two or three MOT's with no probs but for driving along unlit roads at night they appear poor.
I suppose I am comparing them to modern jazzy halogens.
S'pose the easiest way is to fit spots.
Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

Its strange that you havnt go

Its strange that you havnt got halogen lamps fitted, the fourtrak on older versions have tungston 410 lamps but you can get halogen replacements from any motor accessory shop for around £7 each you may have to order them though. Also add some auxillary driving lights with 100watt lamps that will light up everything in your path .

4trak's weedy headlights

I own a 86 F75, and had the same problem. I put in some Philips Brite Whites, and whacked a pair of driving lights on the bull bar with some 100 watts in em. Hey presto, problem solved. Still a bit feeble on dipped beam though.