window hell!


i'm having trouble with both windows of my sportrak and don't know what to do. the problem is that my driver side window doesn't work at all the other problem is the passenger window works from the drivers side controls but if you try and use the passenger controls it only works to bring it down please help someone !


Sounds like a problem with either the window switches or wires to earth connection . I would trace the cable and clean the connections/switches before going any further. You could try spraying WD40 into each switch which might clean any dirty connection but I expect you will need to access each switch to do the job successfully.

thanks for answering yeah i'l

thanks for answering yeah i'll try that i don't spose you would know where i would get a recon switch or even how much a new one would cost?


Its possible that its only a toggle switch so check its connections before going to the extreem of buying. A good clean/WD40 could be all thats needed to get a good contact.