Sportrak fuel problem!!!


My 1991 efi Sportrak is peeing fuel out of the pipe that's on the bottom of the charcoal cannister!
I've replaced the fuel cap thinking it could be the valve that's blocked up in it, but the problem still exists!........any help please!

Where are the breathers on th

Where are the breathers on the EFI engine Dave?
Is there one on the tank somewhere?

Never done it on one of these

Never done it on one of these, and i've not consulted the manual but if you drain & drop the tank you'll have to remove 3-4 pipes and the pump pipe. (You'll also see one-way valves in all probability, so clean them - they may have failed) Blow all the lines out (NOT THE MAIN FUEL LINE - YOU'LL KNACKER THE FILTER AND POSS THE INJECTORS!)
BTW - Does the fuel cap still 'hiss' when opened?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

It lets off a REALLY powerful

It lets off a REALLY powerful hiss!........It's had the fuel lines replaced before I got it......I think they could have connected two of the pipes (not the main fuel line) to the wrong points?

Found it!......the pipes, whe

Found it!......the pipes, when replaced had been fitted incorrectly!
The pipe that returns fuel to the tank had been connected to the one-way valve that should go to the charcoal cannister! and the cannister pipe to the return!
It looks like the one-way valve had stood the pressure for a while and then packed in, causing fuel to enter the underbonnet cannister.
The Daihatsu manual is no doesn't show the one-way valve/plastic box with three pipes connected to it, this is situated at the off/side rear of the vehicle behind the trim panel.

Fuel pipes

Apologies for my ignorance but does this apply to EFI only and not the EL ????


Speaking of hissing when opening the fuel cap, my 91 sporty lets off quite a blow at times, is this the norm?


My Sportrak hisses when openning the fuel cap at times. Also my partners Daihatsu Cuore hisses when you open its fuel cap. So I am assuming its the norm.

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