Sticky Speedo!


Hey Smile

I recently bought a hi-jet and love her to bits! Just wondered if any-one would be able to answer my question about my sticky speedo Help

When the engine's off the speeder stays at 5mph and when I get to around 40mph it stays there regardless of what speed I'm doing! It's only when I stop that it comes back down to 5 again. I also went past one of those speed check things (you know the ones you try and go faster to see what speed flashes up!) and I thought I was doing 30 when I was apparently doing 38!

Any thoughts would be grately appreciated!:)


Katie & Doreen Daihatsu Blum 3

hi, it sounds very much like

hi, it sounds very much like the problem is the speedo, it would be very unlikely that the problem is in the gear box. i would suggest trying to get hold of a second hand speedo from a scrap yard and try that, the only other option is to try and take your existing speedo out and flush it with wd 40 or something simular to try and lubricate where ever the problem is, but be warned even if this works the speedo might give you an incorrect reading, the best way to try and check if it is roughly working is to either find one of those speed warning signs or follow a friend in another car and get them to signal when they get to 30 and then 60 mph, but this will only give a rough guide, as a rule speedos should be chucked if they are faulty or sent to a specialist for repair. good luck, steve i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies

Thanks a lot for that Steve -

Thanks a lot for that Steve - a big help! Smile I'll try the wd40 jobbie first, and if that fails me and Doreen shall make a trip to the local scappy to find a another speeder (and a couple of seats too!) Biggrin

Thanks for your help Wink

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