Worried About Transmission


Hi all, im new at this and ive just had a fourtrack. The problem is when I turn either way in 4 wheel drive a clunking noise comes from the front wheels, this doesnt happen in 2 wheel drive could this be the free wheel hubs? Can anyone help and stop my stress

HiA clunking noise does'n


A clunking noise does'nt sound like the free wheeling hubs to me m8.
Are the hubs automatic or manual locking..if manual did you lock them by turning the dial on the hubs to 'lock'

What year is your trak..you didnt give us much to go on here..more info needed m8.

Heres something else to check....lock the hubs if manual..engage 4wd low ratio using the small gear lever in the cab...or simply engage 4wd low..if your hubs are automatically locked. Get under vehicle and grab hold of the front propshaft..give it a good tugging..there should be no movement in an up and down direction nor sidways direction..you might be able to turn it in a circular motion a little..that would be normal. If there is a lot of movement then I would suggest that the U joints have gone (or at least one of them anyway..there are 2 on the shaft)this could be whats causing the clunking noise.

It could also be the wheel bearings..although you do say it dont happen in 2wd..check them anyway...jack up the front road wheels...chock the back wheels.. rotate each front wheel..grab each wheel and give it a good pull and shake..again any movement on the shaft or untoward noise indicates knackered bearing.

Good luck

Thanks for the info , my four

Thanks for the info , my fourtrak is a k reg 1992 with auto locking hubs it has alloy wheels so the middles do not turn if this info is anything of use. I have checked propshafts and they are ok. someone said it could be the cv joints but Why it only happens when 4wd is engaged I dont know. I will have to get it checked at a garage.

Knocking in FWD

I have a 1989 fourtrak with manual locking hubs and get the same problem, it will drive in a straight line in FWD without a problem but when you turn left or right it makes a loud banging noise coming from the direction of the front diff. Has anyone any ideas what it is?

Loud Banging Noise

This is almost certainly worn CV joints and need to be replaced. They are situated inside the front axle case and unless you are reasonably mechanically minded, I would say that it's not something you can replace yourself. Hope this is of some help!!

Merlin Yep, Id say its one o

Yep, Id say its one or both CV joints. They only click when turning in 4wd as that is when they are working. They do not even turn when in 2wd.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Just sounds like knackerd C.V

Just sounds like knackerd C.V.'s (constant valosity joints) to me. May be breaking up, or may just need a grease infusion, via the nipples on top of the swivel housings.

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