My Fourtrak is leaking.....lots



I just bought a fourtrak and i was hoping someone could give me some advice. It leaking lots. I don't think its engine oil cos i check the dipstick and its black. and the stuff thats leaking is relatively clear, its the first diesel i've had and i wondered if it might be losing diesel?

Inderneath the left had side of the engine bay is very oily, but again i can't see any obvious leaks from the engine. the engine was claimed to be a reconditioned one 3000 miles ago(not sure if this is true tho)

any ideas?

Try to locate it maybe by let

Try to locate it maybe by letting the car stand put for day or so and seeing where the puddle comes to. it might be coolant if it is quite clear.. have you check the coolant level..

Depending on what year model

Depending on what year model it is, and Im not sure if later models are different, but the earlier motors have a crankcase breather pipe that vents downwards to atmosphere on the left hand side, under the intake/exhaust manifolds. Its not unusual to have an oily film on this side of the motor, or even to have a wisp of smoke coming from it.
As for the clearish liguid, yes it depends where exactly it is coming from. Also is there any particular colour/odour from it? It could be coolant/ brake fluid/ residual condensation from A/C, water trapped in chassis, anything is possible. Let is stand as said previously, and look carefully where you see a puddle. Perhaps getting the underside steam cleaned might help finding the leak.


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