Too much smoke


I'm getting an awful lot of blue smoke when I start up on a morning. I've just changed the glow plugs, which I thought was the problem.
The sympton only occurs on a first start of the day with subsequent starts being excellent with no smoke whatsoever. I've just changed the oil to Comma Fully Synthetic Oil as well.

One other point is that the battery is now getting a bit long in the tooth as well (4 years), but manages to crank over the 2.8 NAD fine. I would also like to point out that the Fourtrak 2.8 NAD is implanted into a Series III landy and the voltage is regulated via coiled wire which transfers the voltage from 12v to 7v (This glows orange when the current is fed). The heating time for the glow plugs is regulated manually by means of a switch in the drivers compartment. On a cold start morning this time is usually around 30 seconds (any less and the engine fails to start). Subsequent starts require a 3-5 second heating time (if at all).

Does nayone have any suggestions for remedies to my smoking problem?

Many Thanks