Audio wiring on 4trak.


My sister has an R reg 2.8TD Fourtrak, and I've been roped into fitting a stereo for her.
Bought an "Autolead" ISO harness for Toyota/Daihatsu but I'm concerned over an apparent wiring difference. Small plug for rear spkrs is the same, but big plug (on the Dihatsu end)is as follows... PINS:

01 02 XX XX 03 04
05 06 07 08 09 10

(where pin 01 is yellow 12v memory, pin 02 is red 12v supply)

NEW connector has FRONT LEFT speaker on pins 03 & 09.

OLD connector (which was plugged into the loom socket but wasn't hooked upto anything - wires just cut) has FRONT LEFT spkr on pins 03 & 06.

Pin 06 on the NEW connector is labelled "power antenna"

Which is correct? I don't want to fry her speakers!!

Help much appreciated.

Found the answer!

I've managed to answer my own question.
The wiring is as on the standard Toyota/Diahatsu ISO adaptor. Whoever wired in the last stereo made a right old botch job of it!!