fourtrak F75


I have an 86ish F75.

I have three problems i need help with.

The first one, is, how do you stop the things from bouncing without sticking a tonne or two in the back of it????

What are the widest tyres you can get away with pitting on the standars wheels???

Where can I get a full safari style roof rack?????

Cheers peeps!!!!!!!


check your tyre pressures if on standard size tryes you should have 21PSI max try reducing by 3-4 psi

largest width tyres you can fit on standard rims are 355 but you have to adjust the steering arm travel otherwise they rub on full lock

whats a safari roof rack?

Roof Rack

There's a full roof rack on e-bay at the moment. Do a search on Daihatsu. Not sure if it will suit your FT though as it does not look much like the one I have on mine.