my mot


my sportrak has just faild the MOT on the front lower suspension ball joints.
Is there any ajustment on them or do i have to replace the whole unit?

It's a replacement job, I'm afraid

oops .... muggins didn't read the Sportrak bit

Sorry .... all the guff below is about 4traks and I'm not sure how much applies to Sportys.

Milners do bottom ball joints at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately 4traks have the habit of munching their way through balljoints every 5 years or so .... if you intend keeping the vehicle, you might as well get in practice replacing them.

The Daihatsu workshop manual suggests using a jack to resist the tension in the torsion bars while you undo the balljoint. This scares the pants off me, because all it needs is for something to slip and you will find all that stored energy in the torsion bar smacking into something .... like your hands for instance !

It's much safer to unwind the tension from the torsion bar after releasing the locknut on the inside of the chassis box section. Count the number of turns before the whole arrangement goes slack so you know how much to wind the torsion bars back up when you have finished.

With no tension in the torsion bars, everything comes apart easily, except that you will need the meanest balljoint splitter you can find to get the xxxxing joint apart !


thank you m8