Fourtrak EL 1987 - Corroded Front 'Bulkhead' - Anyone know if it's serious?


Hi All

I recenty inherited a 1987 Fourtrak - and it hasn't taken long for me to catch 'the bug. I love it.

Although it sailed through it's MOT last October, I have spotted some pretty serious-looking corrosion on what looks like a front 'bulkhead'. I wonder if anyone can tell me whether this is something I need to rectify (ie next time I hit a speed bump am I likely to end up sliding down the road in the body, minus it's chassis!) or is it nothing to worry about?

I've posted a photo entitled 'Fourtrak EL 1987 - Corroded Bulkhead' which shows the area of concern - it can be seen from inside the front wheel-arches (both sides corroded the same amount).

Any feedback would be very much appreciated...

kind regards, Richie P

Richie Apologies for the t


Apologies for the tardy response. I read your question a few days ago, but got sidetracked and forgot to respond.

This panel is completely replaceable, with minimal effort. It unbolts from the radiator, the front of the inner wings (mudguards) and the outer wings. Then unbolt the 2 chassis bolts in your pics.

I doubt if the Fourtrak will "fall apart" as there are another 8 bolts holding the body to the chassis. The only real weight this area is supporting is the radiator. I would, however, look for a panel at a wreckers, and replace it sometime soon. The other thing I wonder about is other rust in the vehicle. This stuff doesnt just stick to one spot.


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David - huge apologies for never acknowledging your message about the corroded bulkhead on my fourtrak! Thanks a lot for the comments - much appreciated.
I got completely distracted with work and never did anything about it. Lo and behold it's MOT time again - and it's just failed - which is what brought me back to this site!
all the best
Richie P


Did your fourtrak fail because of the rotten body mount as mines the same and due to be tested cheers just in mud