charade performance


Hi i have a little charade 1.3 16 vi 87 model but i dont really know much about cars and wondered about getting bodykits and performance enhancing stuff. I have done a few little bits inside like pedals and have a sunstrip! any ideas would be handy thankyou!

hard to find

I'v got a 1.3 16v 1992 model and i cant find any body kits etc. so i'll get a body kit for a different car that the same shape and mod it to fit. i'm thinking peugeot 205 or vaxhall nova. do you know if 17" rims will fit. oh try Ebay there is proformance upgrades for most cars some you can get for £5 that give you about 20 bhp. you can get lower spring aswell but i cant remember what the website it was. i'll find and post it

charade 1.3

if i'm correct it is the same engine (more or less) as my motor 1992 1.3 camskill uk do some good parts there are even some parts available in the back of modding mags such as max power etc. if my engine conv work n runs well then u wanna get a swift gti engine in there, plenty of mods for them, there is even a turbo conv from usa available!