new radio aerial for 4trak 1999


anyone know where i can get a reasonably priced pattern one as mine is snapped - its the type fitted to the drivers side pillar - are they a pain to fit?

Arial for Rocky

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It has happened to twice. I can buy it locally for £10. It is nor original but it does the job and it is not too bad to change.
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I got them locally here in Denmark at a commen Auto parts shop.
It fits nicely and looks good on my Rocky.

If you have a small length of

If you have a small length of the original areal left in place then any steel wire of a diamiter big enugh to hold up it's own waight without snaping (an old CB arial would be ideal)can be soldered into it. Does the job, and can look good if doen carfully. Only bad sideffect is you can't put it down for car washes etc.

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what a great idea!

thats going to be by far the best solution - could even adapdt another telesopic aerial - thanks good tip