fourtrak feildman load liner


does anybody out ther know any websites that sell loadliners for a feildman i recently bought it second hand and need the load liner to protect the back of the van as it gets a lot of punishment as i am a landscaper. also looking for an A bar

any advise would be greatly recieved


I'm going to use an existing

I'm going to use an existing loadliner as a mould for a glassfibre job.

I acquired a second 4trak a while back, without loadliners. At present, I swap them over, depending on which vehicle I'm using. Since there is a reasonable amount of slop in the fit, I should think that if you covered the outer of your template loadliner in clingfilm (as a release agent) then slapped a few layers of glassfibre over that, you could make yourself a tolerably good copy (and maybe a bit tougher than the thin-ish plastic part that Daihatsu supply)

Unfortunately, I don't have a Fieldman loadliner because mine was generally used for radio field measurement testgear which is relatively delicate.


They do pop up on ebay now and again, as do A bars. You might also want to look at formula4x4, they advertise on here, based in Stone, they're very good for all 4x4 accessories