Sportrak Engine Siezed


Hello there all,

My 92' sportrak ELXI SE engine seized on the road a week or two ago.

The garage that towed it for me said it was out of oil, but on checking it with the old man (in trade for many many moons) the oil was only a ltr down.

He suggested trying to loosen off the starter motor and trying to crank the engine round by pushing it in 5th gear.

Tried it and it didn't budge.

It's a great little motor other than that and I'd just had a new altinator and exhaust put on.

Does anyone have any suggestions or gems of wisdom with regards to sorting it out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not enough info.

What were the symptoms when it siezed? Speed at time? Wheels locked/slide due to pistons welding to cylinders? Engine bang? Engine thumps/noises? Revs stopped or gently died? Any hot smells?
More info needed !!!!
Have you tried disconnecting the battery, removing the spark plugs, put gears into neutral, and see if the engine will turn using a spanner onto the main pulley????

Not enough info.

Hi there Mace,

Thanks for the advice about the plugs etc. I wasn't in it when it seized the missus was driving it so all of the info about the noise, smells and wheels etc. was lost in her panic of actually breaking down. Nice huh.

I'll have a go at the engine at the weekend.



hi, i am not certain, but it

hi, i am not certain, but it can still have seized with oil in if the oil pump has packed in, if this is the case the whole engine will have to be stripped an rebuilt (which is expensive) the cheaper option is a second hand engine. as i said i am not certain it will be this so please get the engine checked out carefully before writing it off, regards steve

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies

for a cheep engine look for a

for a cheep engine look for a daihatsu applause 1600
it has the same block and head you will need to fit
all the bits from the sportrak ie engine mounts