NO POWER Please Help!!!!!!!!


I have a 1200 diesel Hijet which lacks power. It only pulls at a certain rev range when the throttle is only slightly depressed.
Pushing the throttle to the floor makes no difference.
It’s a 1997 with less than 20K on the clock so hopefully the engine is sound. The engine starts first time with no problems and does not smoke.
I have checked the air filter and that’s OK.
Can anybody suggest what could be the problem, is it the pump, fuel filter, or something as simple as air or water in the fuel line.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Too many potential faults

The problem could be one of many! Could be a sticking fuel value, a stuck choke, a fuel problem [numerous places], an electrical problem [numerous places], distributor advance stuck or distributor electronic problem etc. Unless your lucky enough to find the problem yourself, you really need a friendly mechanic to guide you to the solution.


could be anything but without going nuts to begin with i would go through basic checklist starting with the cheapest before going to the garage eg.fuel fiters,when was it last serviced