Reccommended oil for fourtrak 1990


Calling on a kind hearted patient soul to answer my daft questions. Blush

Can anyone tell me what oil is recommended for a 1990 TD fourtrak, as you have probably gathered I know very little about 4x4's.
Another issue I have is this -
I have bought my fourtrak to tow a horse trailer, I dont have any problems going forwards but all hell breaks loose when I try to reverse it!:-?
Its probably my driving as Im not used to driving a trailer, but someone mentioned to me that I could change down a gear by using that little gear stick and I might find it easier!
Obviously, I havent tried it because Im not really sure what that gearstick is for. I know it is something to do with the four wheel drive, but havent had the need to use it.
Which brings me on to my 3rd question, how do I use the four wheel drive if I am unfortunate to get stuck in a field?

oil change

hi also use my 89 4trak for towing horse box,to the question about the oil i use any 15/40 oil recomended for diesels but maybe someone else would recomend another for the older engines like for the reversing i dont see any help from puting it in 4wdrive better to find a large space and with some practice you'll soon get the hang of it trial and error is best.small corections to your steering is best.i have come across a person with a left arrow on the right of her dash and a right arrow on her left so she new which way the back of the box was going when she turned the wheel.coming to the 4wdrive if you read some of the forums you'll find some useful information but i'll email you with the general guide

oil change

forgot to tell you its best to give old rocky an oil change every 3000 miles ond a new oil filter every 6ooo.

Just a slight thing if you're

Just a slight thing if you're having problems reversing is that with getting the trailer where you want it to go or actually pushing it. If its the actual pushing bit you may have an older trailer where you need to lock the brakes off before you can back it up!