Fourtrak Colour Code


The colour code on my (Dark grey over silver) F78 is NB8. Presumably this refers to the grey bit. Can anyone advise on a code for the silver?? I presume the silver bit is the same on all the two-tone fourtraks but I don't know




hi my fourtrack is mettalic green over silver nb3 hope this helps

Fourtrack Silver Colour Code

Hi William

Ta for the reply. NB3 refers to the green bit. I'm ok for my main colour but I'm struggling to match the silver.



theres a bloke on here with the same problem he went into his local halfords because they will mix the colour for diahtsu's so they should know if there the same

Colour Code

Yeah. Halfords mixed my dark grey but the colour code doesn't tell them anything about the silver bit so they couldn't do it. Sad Maybe I'll get a local sprayer to mix some by eye. The touch up paints never match anyway so it'll prob be just as good


paint from milners

ive just ordered the silver paint for my two tone fourtrak from milners with no probs,after giving them the 2 letters and number code they then asked which colour i required.expensive if your not ordering anything else but worth a try. hope this helps
ps;they dont call it silver they call mine light metalic grey........

Paint From Milners

Hi Chalky

That's great news mate. Halfords idiots said that the colour code referred to the other colour only. I'll contact Milners. Ta v much for the tip

Leigh CH9