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I know it's only a niggle (compared to all the other stuff I've been given good advice from you guys for!) but I have a sporty and I'm a little bit irritated by the rear wiper only coming on with a constant wipe. Has anyone else sorted this (perhaps by fitting a resistor of some type) so that the wiper has a slightly less intense frequency?

I haven't seen VIZ magazine f

I haven't seen VIZ magazine for a while, but in the "Top Tips" section a few years ago, it advised that you can save money on an intermittent wipe option by simply switching the wipers on and off every 15 secs.

But seriously, thats a good question, and you've got me thinking on those lines myself. A timed Relay would do that - not a resistor - and I'd start by playing around with one from a car with an intermittent rear w/w. Best having a trip to the breakers, and looking on the relay box for the one controlling the rear wiper. They're generaly marked on the lid of the relay housing. BUT these things are timed to the motor they are turning, so you may end up with odd parking off the blade, etc. Even better, see if the Fourtrak is a delayed rear wipe, and just get that one - I'd imagine the motor is identical.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

point taken re: viz comment -

point taken re: viz comment - but then how would I talk on the phone, open a can, smoke a fag, read the paper and eat my yorkie bar if I was distracted by using the on/off switch?

Obviously I'd stop doing all those before pulling onto the public highway!

So help, anyone out there know if the fourtrack is a delayed rear wipe?

Wiper Motor

Shouldn't matter what intermitent relay you get as this only sends a pulse of electricity to the motor. The motor then completes the circuit and runs until the contact breaker in the motor disconnects. So the arm will park in the right place each time.