Help on where to get parts for my rocky


hey, i live in charlotte, north carolina and own a 1991 daihatsu rocky. it is completley stock, except for the fact that i removed the daihatsu sign off of the grille.

i am wanting to modify my car, such as adding a grille guard and i want to put a lift on it also. i would truly be thankful if anyone here could help me out, and tell me where i can find such parts for my rocky.


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For starters, when looking for parts, the USA is the only country in which Daihatsu named your particular vehicle a Rocky. In the UK, they are known as Sportraks, and in Oz they are known as Ferozas. This will help you if you are doing searches on overseas sites. The vehicle called a Rocky, which was sold in Oz, is a completely different kettle of fish, and virtually no parts are compatable.

You may like to check out and look in the daihatsu forum. Its an Oz site, but there are quite a few USA Rocky owners that frequent it.


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Rocky US Model Parts

Mr. Tibbs
There are a few dealers in the US that can supply parts. Probably the one closest to you would be: Madison Smith, 600 Lafayette Street, Nashville, TN 37202. Telephone !-800-899-2777, ask for Mike-parts.
MR. Tibbs
Erwin, Tennessee USA

Mr. Tibbs