4 track overheating


Following reading this subject posted here on 19/7/04 and having that problem I promptly renewed the radiator, (which revealed the same corrosion by the way), but I continue to have overheating when towing my caravan (1.6 tonnes) up steep motorway hills (JCT 18 on the M4). It has been suggested that the viscous coupling on the fan might be the problem. Has any member seen this problem and what cost to solve.

Lyn Andrews

overheating problems fourtrack

mine is the same overheating with caravan on the back up hills its rotten the same as the rest what is the differnce between leafsprung and indy rad do the fit, are they bigger and do they fit as it is said they dont rot as much ps. my fan seams ok just want it fixed cause seams to be a big problem with indys any one took the stat out and did it work. thanks simon

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the rad is rotten same as the rest not the 4track thanks simon

fourtrack overheating

Many thanks Nev. You have confirmed what a friend of mine had indicated. At normal running temp. I am able to insert a pencil in the way you describe so next time out with the caravan and the temp. starts rising I shall pull over and try with something a bit more substantial than a pencil.


Just mind your fingers. And

Just mind your fingers. And if the fan is locked up, be carful it dosn't throw whatever your trying to stop it with into the back of the rad.

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