New Alternator - pulley probs


Ok so here it is. I live in Bermuda and have a 1994 Feroza (Sporty). Great motor, but the alternator started dying on me about 3 months ago. Parts being expensive here, I bought a new alternator from Birmingham 4x4 along with 2 belts, a V and a regular ridged (just in case). The new alternator pulley looks like it needs the V-belt but the duff one on the motor now is a regular ridged one. So I'm thinking - If I change out this alternator, can I detach the old, ridged pulley from the old alternator and put it on the new one so that the belt fits. There is apparently only one alternator part for all years of the Sporty - but am I missing something ?!?!
Any help much appreciated !

hi there, yes you can normall

hi there, yes you can normally change the pulleys on alternators, as long as the alternators are the same,never tried it with a sporty though but my advice would be try it, if it doesnt work you can always put the other bits back on, you shouldnt have to break anything to try it. the only word of warning is that the nut in the middle of the alternator is normally dead tight to undo and you dont have much to hold on the alternator to stop it turning, so take care when doing it. the best way to beat this problem is to use a "buzz gun" that is the sort of tool you use for taking wheels off with at a garage, powered by compressed air, the sudden twist these give will normally loosen the nut without having to hold any part of the alternator (for example the cooling fins)but be carefull if you use one, just hold the alternator body so if it does spin rather than undo it wont rip fingers off! hope this helps, steve

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More questions...

Thanks for the info ! I see what you mean about a buzz-gun being the best tool for the job, I'll see if anyone has one on the island. Failing that, maybe I could use a swift blow from a hammer onto a spanner wrapped around the nut - same principle (undo-speed) Unknw It's good to know that they actually do come off though.

I have a delay now... The guy who was supposed to be helping me out with access to a lift etc. this weekend has bailed on me grrr, so I'm looking for another venue. I don't suppose I can do this with a bottle jack and a couple of axle stands in my yard could I Unknw What is meant by 'dropping the diff' Unknw I prefer that suggested method to popping-out all that radiator and cowling ! She's quite an old lady and don't want to break-off any rusted stuff while doing it.

But it's still a mystery to me - why on earth would I see all ridged belts in my 1994 Sporty when the (one size fits all) alternator that Birmingham 4x4 supplied me have a V pulley ?. Does that mean that once upon a time the replacement alternators started coming ONLY with a 'V' pulley, or does it mean the only previous ownder of my roza went nuts and replaced all his (original?) 'V's with regular belts Unknw

Going to have another look and get some quotes this weekend. Meanwhile I am getting around with a spare battery and some jumpers in my boot.

Thanks again for all your great advice ! This is a godsend of a site for those 'marooned' on a mechanic-ripoff island like I am.


Wrong size

The Feroza is at the mechanics and I've just been told that the new alternator that I bought can't be used because the 'V' pulley on the new one cannot be substituted for the standard one on the existing alternator. Ugh - very frustrating. Anyhow, they're going to see if they can fix the existing one. If it's nox fixable then I guess I have to get them ot order one in.
Does anyone know whether I can cannibalise any parts from the new one to repair the old one Unknw
Thanksup ! Yag

Fix-ed ! ...for now

The mechanics here found they couldn't swap the pulleys over - they just didn't fit ! So they changed the brushes and the rotor and cleaned the whole assy. up. Well, it works, and I have a brand-new alternator (V-pulley) to sell.
Thanks for all your help - I have learned a lot !