Does anyone know where I could get body parts for my old 1990 fourtrak pickup
particularly a replacement bed
any info on breakers or why would be appreciated

fourtrak bed

Try giving these guys a call, they are fourtrak breaker based just of J16 M6 (or close to there)

ask for Paul 01538702233




Decents beds for those are li

Decents beds for those are like rocking horse dung, only harder to find. However have you thought about replacing it yourself? two friends of mine have both replaced the rear bodies on their F55's (Pre-runner to the F77) with home made flatbeds. Much more usful for loads, without the wheel arches in the way, and space under it for the spare wheel & battery. Both of them look good too, and with the load bed higher up the exit angle is increased. Helpful if you have to make her have some off road usage.

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