Glow Plug Relay on Land rover


Has anyone used a glow plug relay with a Landrover and if so how is it connected up.

The problem I'm having is I've acquired a relay, but now too sure how to link everything up. I dont have the relay timer and therefore this will be done manually. When connecting the main wire (thick red) and one of the four other ones (brown) and the black one earthed the relay clicks into life and sends down 12v to the plugs. However after reading the manual this is supposed to switch between 0-10v intermittently. Also the glow plugs are regulated for 7v. Sending down 12v would rapidly decrease the plugs life.

So have i got the wrong relay for my engine (I think a J-K reg) or should there be something else in the cicuit (although after looking at the cicuit diagram, I don think so)?
Or is the relay broken?
Or am I connecting it wrongly?

Help as I dont have Daihatsu forutrak to compare it with

Many thanks