F75 Loss of power


My F75 has suddenly lost power. When stationary the revs will not exceed 3300 and it struggles to go above 60mph when previously it would cruise at 70mph all day. I have checked the fuel filter and all is OK. I filled the tank recently (city diesel) and wonder if I have poor quality fuel. Have any of you had similar problems Unknw The truck has always performed well up to this time.

It could be contaminated fuel

It could be contaminated fuel which you bought, or possibly there is something partially blocking the fuel pickup in the tank. Try dropping the tank, and removing and checking the tank sender/fuel pickup unit. While you have it out, check the condition of the tank along the front and back, above the mounting flange. These are prone to rust due to mud and garbage getting caught there.

Make sure you have completely bled the fuel system. They can be a bit of a bugger to get all the air out of.


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Same problem

A friend of mine had the same problem with his a few months ago. The tank had started to rust, he got a new one and bled the system and now its fine. I wouldnt have a clue how to do this myself but good luck !!!

Dropping the fuel tank on a F

Dropping the fuel tank on a Fourtrak is pretty straight forward but potentialy frustrating due to siezed nuts (oooer. If you have a manual it takes you through the process step by step...if not here ya go

1. remove panel at rear of offside (drivers) wheel arch to get to filler neck clips and associated small breather hoses.
2. undo the screws inside the fuel filler cap aperture to release the filler neck
3.remove the rear trim panel inside the vehicle on drivers side to get to the hose in there.
4.undo the jubilee clips on fuel send and return hoses (found under vehicle in front of tank on drivers side.
5.undo the bolts front and rear holding tank up...this is where frustration begins...these bolts can be a complete bastard to free off...I wouldd soak em with a propritary freeing spray a few days before starting the job..try to get as much purchse on em as you can.
Oh I nearly forgot..to get to these bolts you will have to remove the tank protection plate if fitted.
Once you have the bolts free lower the tank gentley..careful of the fuel sender gauge wires at rear of tank..they are fairly short..the tank when empty of fuel is pretty light..so no worries there.
6.unclip the sender wires.
7. Be agahst at the state of the tank..it will probably be as rusty as hell..especially as David says around the seam.
8. Clean out the tank.
9.I wire brushed mine with drill and heavy duty wire brush attachment.
10. All sorts of pin holes appeared which I plugged using a fantastic product called 'Quicksteel'(its like a two core putty which hardens like metal).
There are about 5 small brass pipes braized to the steel tank for the various hoses..2 of mine were so bad they broke off..I used the quicksteel to re-attach them to the tank..worked a treat.
11.Refit tank and hoses in reverse.

F 75 Power Loss

Thanks for the advice. I removed the fuel filter again and noticed bits of crud at the bottom. I've cleaned as much as I can and bled the fuel system as Dave suggested (at the No 1 injector). The truck runs fine once again. I will examine the tank and I'm grateful to Mike for the info as I couldn't find anything about the tank on the CD manual.